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Welcome to the course website for CS 212 Software Development for Spring 2019! You can find the Syllabus and Weekly Schedule (including links to the lecture materials, quizzes, homework, and projects) on this site. Visit Canvas for grades and assignment submission. Visit Piazza for announcements and questions.


*Livestream via Zoom requires a password, and is only available during lecture.

Upcoming Schedule

Here is the upcoming course schedule, which includes links to lecture material, assigned quizzes and homework, and more:

Week 15
Tuesday 04/30 Lecture
  • Exam 2
Thursday 05/02 Lecture
  • Exam 2 Retake
Friday 05/03 Lab

This is subject to change and will be frequently updated throughout the semester. See the Weekly Schedule for the full schedule.

Google Calendar

Here is the combined calendar for this course, which includes the latest office hours schedule, upcoming deadlines, and more:

The latest deadline schedule can also be viewed directly in Canvas.